A Mother’s Day Poem That Kids Recite in France

Soon it’ll be Mothers’ Day in France. This year it’s on May 25th. Usually teachers have their students learn a poem. One they often select is by Pierre Gamarra and is called Je te souhaite – I Wish You…

You can click on the link above to read the French version. Monique Palomares of Mama Lisa’s World en français sent me this English translation:

I Wish You…

I wish you a day of velvet,
Of iris, of lily and periwinkle,
A day of leaves and branches,
A day and then another day…

A day of wheat, a day of vines,
A day of figs, of Muscat grapes,
A day of delicate grapes,
A day of doves, of swans…

I wish you a day of diamonds,
Of sapphire and of china,
A day of lilac and of wool,
A day of silk, oh my mommy!

And yet another day,
Light, light, another day
Till the end of my love,
A dawn and then a dawn.

For my love for you, my mother,
Can never end,
Like the shaking of the trees
Like the sky, like the sea…

To all you moms out there, wherever you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year, enjoy!

Mama Lisa

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for sharing this poem with us!

Check out this following link if you’re looking for more poems in French about Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day (in French only).

If you would like to share any Mother’s Day or Father’s Day poems or songs from your land, please email me. -Lisa


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  1. aastha Says:

    nice can you convert it in french language

  2. Kimi Thompson Says:

    yea can u put it into french now?

  3. Lisa Says:

    You should be able to read it at the link above – it should work now (we didn’t post it because it’s still under copyright).

  4. Mothers Day Poem Says:

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  5. Sharon Says:

    Nice Poem, Thanks for sharing us.

  6. Nela Says:

    Really nice poem!

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