Spanish Song – I Love You Mommy, with Recording

imageSara Quintanar was kind enough to share with us a Spanish song she wrote and sang with some of her students.  It’s called Mamá te quiero mucho (I Love You Mommy).

This is a wonderful song for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or really any day at all.  What mother wouldn’t love to hear their children singing to them a song about how much they’re loved?!

MP3 of Mamá te quiero mucho

Mamá te quiero mucho

Mamá – mamá
Te quiero mucho mamá
Mamá – mamá
Te quiero mucho

Me gustas mucho mamá
Tú eres mi San Valentín
Me gusta jugar contigo
Tú eres mi Corazón


Tú eres mi favorita
Me gusta cuando me das un beso
Me gustan tus abrazos
Te quiero muchísimo


English Translation…

I Love You Mommy

Mommy, mommy
I love you mommy
Mommy, mommy
I love you a lot!

I really like you mommy
You’re my Valentine
I like playing with you
You’re my Sweetheart.


You are my favorite one
I like it when you kiss me
I like it when you hug me
I love you a lot!


Check out Sara Quintanar’s Site to learn more about her work and music.

Thanks for sharing your music with us Sara!

Mama Lisa

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