Poem: “Child and Mother” by Eugene Field with an MP3 Recording

Many people are looking for mother themed poems for Mothers Day in May. Here’s one by Eugene Field (1850 – 1895) with an MP3 recording…

Child and Mother
by Eugene Field

O mother-my-love, if you’ll give me your hand,
And go where I ask you to wander,
I will lead you away to a beautiful land,–
The Dreamland that’s waiting out yonder.
We’ll walk in a sweet posie-garden out there,
Where moonlight and starlight are streaming,
And the flowers and the birds are filling the air
With the fragrance and music of dreaming.

There’ll be no little tired-out boy to undress,
No questions or cares to perplex you,
There’ll be no little bruises or bumps to caress,
Nor patching of stockings to vex you;
For I’ll rock you away on a silver-dew stream
And sing you asleep when you’re weary,
And no one shall know of our beautiful dream
But you and your own little dearie.

And when I am tired I’ll nestle my head
In the bosom that’s soothed me so often,
And the wide-awake stars shall sing, in my stead,
A song which our dreaming shall soften.
So, Mother-my-Love, let me take your dear hand,
And away through the starlight we’ll wander,–
Away through the mist to the beautiful land,–
The Dreamland that’s waiting out yonder.

MP3 Recording of Child and Mother by Eugene Field

From A Little Book of Western Verse (1889).


Mama Lisa

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  1. Sammy Li Wei Long Says:

    Hi, Mama Lisa,
    Indonesia is the fifth biggest country in the world with almost 250 million population. I wonder if you are interested to get some stories and folk songs about my country, too. I am a retired English teachers who have been teaching in Indonesia, Malaysia, Macao, China and Australia for over 45 years. I am now residing in Sydney, Australia. I am an admirer of your Blog. It is wonderful. Keep up the excellent work, Lisa.

    Sammy Lee

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks for your kind words and your offer! We’d love to receive more material from Indonesia or any of the other countries you lived and worked in. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Mama Lisa

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