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Atal matal

Atal matal tootoole
Govee Hasan che joore?
Na shir dare na pestoon!
Shiresho bordan hendestoon
Ye zane Kordi bestoon
Esmesho bezar am-qezi!
Doure kolash ghermezi
Hachin o wachin
Ye pato varchin!

"gh" is a voiced velar sound, the one made when gargling.

Hasan: a name for men, originally it is an Arabic name.
Am-qezi: an imaginary old name for women.


Here's the computerized text: (we apologize if it doesn't display properly on your screen):

اتل متل

اتل متل توتوله
گاو حسن چه جوره؟
نه شیر داره نه پستون
شیرشو بردن هندستون
یه زن کردی بستون
اسمشو بزار عم قزی
دور کلاش قرمزی
هاچین و واچین
یه پاتو ورچین



Many thanks to Maryam for singing Atal Matal for us!

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song.

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!