The Persian Snap (Beshkan)

beshkanIn Iran, they have a two handed finger snap that’s louder than the traditional western finger snap.  It’s called Beshkan (in Persian: بشكن ) The beshkan snap is often used in Persian dances. It’s also done to egg people on to dance.  It’s done at parties. It’s done when someone hears good news.

The easiest way to learn how to do the beshkan snap is to watch the videos below. Here’s a description in case it helps:

How To Do the Beshkan Snap:

1. Place the palms together. 

2. Twist your hands so you can tuck one thumb under the other hand.  Your pinky, ring, middle and index fingers should line up with each other still.

3. Put the other thumb down over the pointer finger knuckle to put pressure on the pointer and then attempt to snap the two pointer fingers.

4. Keep practicing until you get it. You can do it!

Here are some videos in English to teach you how to do the beshkan snap (one is for righties and the other is for lefties)…

The Beshkan Snap for Righties

The Beshkan Snap for Lefties

The beshkan snap is also done in other parts of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.

The beshkan snap is fun for kids to learn too.


Mama Lisa

Image: Youtube

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5 Responses to “The Persian Snap (Beshkan)”

  1. Mama Lisa Says:

    So far I can make some noise with this snap but not as much as in the video. I’ll get it soon!

  2. Fiorella Says:

    Turkish Rom also do this two-handed finger snap as part of their traditional Rom Havasi dancing – the finger snap has replaced the zill in modern Turkish Rom dance

    The same identical two-hand snap was also part of ancient Egyptian & India dance forms and has carried forward to this day

  3. Jan Eggum Says:

    There is one thing that was kind of bugging me, there is not much called a pointer. But it is acctually called Index finger

  4. Lisa Says:

    I think some people call the index finger the pointer finger.

  5. Isabella Torres Says:

    Yep I keep on trying but it’s getting better and better.

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