The Meaning of Dreams about Food in Gambia

Smoked_gouda_cheeseDel Dallimore has been living in Gambia in Africa for many years. She works in the local clinic and helps at the school. Here’s what she wrote the other day about the local meaning of her dream about food…

"Weird dream last night. Dreamed my children were still little, and there was no food in the house. So I went out and bought some cheese, but the children complained, so I went back out and bought some meat, but the children still complained they had no bread to put them in. So I went out and bought bread. When I woke it took a little while to remember they are all in their 30’s now.

Anyway, Abbas says in their culture (of Gambia), if you dream of food, you must buy food and pray over it and then give it away to the needy and you will have good luck.

Well, what I did yesterday evening, I bought some Afra (grilled meat). Looked hopelessly at Hamed. How do I pray?? Then grasped the moment and said, dear God, please let Neema live. Then Hamed took the Afra to Neema’s daughter, Kaddy, who was very pleased."

Thank you Del for sharing this with us. We hope that Neema gets well.

Mama Lisa

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