"I found a beautiful lullaby in Arabic and translated it. It's in a local Arabic dialect of southwestern Iran (where I live). As this region is very close to Iraq, we share many things with the Iraqi culture.

I just wanted you to have an idea of how moms of old times were singing such lullabies to their kids in this region. I mean the melody and rhythm." -Fatima

"Daloul" in this song means "my lovely" or "my sweetheart".


(1) Daloul in the local Arabic dialect means "my lovely", "my sweetheart" or "fondness".
(2) A very far unreachable flat place.
(3) Hunted animals.


Daloul daloul ya walad yabnee daloul
Addouwak aelil wa saken be-al-choul (koul)
Yal-walad youmma yal-walad/ al-walad youmma al-walad
Lelkoubor noridah lel-makyadah
Le-yashil al-mahamel wa tareedah
Forqat al-walad forqah machidah (makidah)
Youmma youmma al-walad ya qali al-thoman
Yal-walad youmma yal-walad al-walad youmma al-walad
Nos al-layal had be-alnoum fazzah
Youmma addali behodhni
Layt alezazzah

ou =oo (long)
q ="dark" k sound, pronounced raising the soft palate

The text in parentheses in the version of the lyrics below gives the standard Arabic word for the dialectical word that's in the lyrics just next to it to the right.

دَلّلول دَلّلول یا وَلد یا إبني دَلول - Iranian Children's Songs - Iran - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World 1
"I searched and found a recorded Iraqi lullaby on YouTube which is fairly similar to the lullaby that I've translated above." -Fatima

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatima Baji for contributing, transliterating, translating this song and for commenting on it.