"A traditional lullaby from Sirjan (A city in Kerman Province, Iran)."
لالایی محلی سیرجان

Lala means "sleep".


(1) Give me solace.
(2) Yes, it means that the baby is bothering her somehow, because you know how it takes time to get a baby to sleep!
(3) A Gachou is a kind of cradle which was hung from the corners of the room.
(4) Ahemd is another name for the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Fatima wrote, "People in the Middle East (regardless of being Muslim, Christian or Jewish...) use such phrases when they want to pray for someone. They use it not only for the prophet, generally they use it for holy things. For example, they say 'I hope you succeed in your work (or any other thing) by the grace of (i.e. in respect of) this holy day.' They use it to bless their work."
(5) A Mullah is a literate person.


Lala lala gole gandom
Barat gahvareh mibandom
Agar amre khoda bashe
Ke gahvarat tala bashe
Lala lala golam bashi
Tassalaye delam bashi
Bekhabi az saram va shai
Namiri hamdamam bashi
Lala lala golam bashi
Be gachou bolbolam bashi
Be gachou bolbole baghi
Ke az gol behtaram bashi
Lala lala babash miya
Dare va kon babash miya
Sedaye kafshe pash miya
Lala lala to mokhtari
Hame khaban to bidari
Be haghe Ahmade mokhtar
Nabini dard nshi bimar
Lala lala lalaee to re dadam Mullaee
To re dadam ke Mullah shi
Nadadam kea z saram va shi
Lala lala be khou mire
Galle barram be ou mire
Sage tazi jelou mire
Mishay guzel be ou mire
Lala lala gole laleh
Palang dar kouh minale
Palange pire bi dandoon
Khari khorde khode paloon
Sagi khorde dare daloon

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song.

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!