* Fatima says, "In Persian we do not have female or male pronouns."


Das dasi

Das dasi babash miyad.
Sedaye kafshe pash miyad.

Das dasi nanash miyad.
Ba har do ta mamash miyad.

Das dasi amoosh miyad.
Ba jibe por limoosh miyad.

Das dasi khalash miyad.
Ba dahane galash miyad!

Game Instructions

This is a song sung when the baby starts to sit: in this case, the mother or father (or anybody) puts the child on their knees and the baby can lean to his/her Mom's or Dad's body. Mom or Dad takes his/her hands and starts to applause with the baby's hands and while applauding with the baby's hands, Mom or Dad starts to sing this song.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song.

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!