This is a playground game. One child is the "teacher" and goes in the middle of the circle. Then they do a call and response following the lyrics below. At the end the kids all run away and the "teacher" has to catch one of them. The child that was caught will be the new "teacher" when the game starts over again.


Slight variations: If the one says "where have you been", the respondents say "at our grandmother's house". If she asks instead "where are you coming from?" They answer "from our grandmother's house."

Game Instructions

The children stand in a circle. A child previously chosen is the "teacher". S/he stands in the middle of the circle. The one person who's the "teacher" asks the question and the rest answer. At the end of the dialogue, the "teacher" starts chasing the giggling children who run away around the playground. The "teacher" has to catch one child. That kid goes in the middle of the ring and game starts over again.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Nyango Melissa Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for contributing this song and for the notes.