"Eh hen" – A Multipurpose Cameroonian Phrase

"Eh hen" is a phrase from Cameroon that serves many purposes.  Nyango sent the recording below to explain its meanings (some of which depend upon the intonation)…

Recording about the Cameroonian Phrase "Eh hen"

I listed the definitions below in the order that Nyango mentions them.

Here are the meanings of "eh hen" in Cameroonian:

1. I’m shocked

2. I told you so

3. Please continue

4. And so what?

5. Can I help you?

6. As I was saying…

7. Is it true?

8. Really?

9. See yourself?

10. By the way…

Nyango wrote: "So easy to speak Cameroonian!"

Do you have a multipurpose expression like this in your language?

-Mama Lisa

Many thanks to Nyango M. Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women’s Association (MAWA) for explaining the uses of "eh hen" in Cameroonian.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Nyango added the following:

    “Here are some more – I think they may just be a variation of some already stated – Eh hen- I forgot; Eh hen – Wait!, Eh-Hen – True dat! This has been a worthwhile exercise! Cameroonians are just loving it!”

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