"Duck, Duck Goose" is an American circle game. In only one state in the US, Minnesota, they play it as "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck". Why the difference? One theory that "Anka Anka Grå Anka" (Duck, Duck, Grey Duck) or "Anka Anka Gås" (Duck, Duck, Goose) was played in Minnesota by immigrants from Sweden. Even if this isn't true, it seems worth to include this with our Swedish songs. Perhaps someone from Sweden can shed more light on this? Otherwise, here's a game we can help introduce to Swedish people!

Game Instructions

The children sit in a circle except for the one who's "It". The person who is "It" goes around tapping each child's head saying "Anka" (Duck), then can add a color Grön (green) Anka, Orange Anka, Rosa (pink) Anka. Eventually, the one who's "It" taps a kid's head and says, Grå Anka (grey duck) or "Gås" (Goose) depending on which version you're playing. The one who was tapped has to chase the one who's "It" around the circle. The one who's "It" has to go around the circle and finally sit in the 2nd kid's spot. The 2nd kid is now "It". If the 2nd kid catches the one who's "It" before they get to the spot, then the one who was "It" has to sit in the middle of the circle.


You can read about the theory of the origin of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck here.

One Swedish site refers to the game as a Scout Game. Another site in Swedish calls it an American game. They don't mention knowing it as a Swedish game in modern-day Sweden.

If anyone from Sweden is familiar with this game in Swedish or has any other info about it, please email me. Thanks! -Mama Lisa