Can Anyone Help with a Swedish Lap Rhyme?

Bob Anderson wrote looking for help with a Swedish childhood rhyme.  Here’s his question:

Do you know of a children’s verse my dad (born 1879) used to do with the grandkids?  He would bounce them on his knees, holding their hands, and at the climax, open his knees and drop them down as if to drop them on the floor to their squeals of fear and delight (that he didn’t do it).  I can’t do the Swedish, but I’ll try to do a transliteration.


Anders Peters kroka, Hun skal ut y oka

Inga hadda hun som steer di

So fur hun heit, so fur hun deit  (swung them to one side and then the other)

Und so fur hun near y deekit  (opened his knees and dropped them down and up again)


Anders Peters (something) He shall go out to ride

He didn’t know how or didn’t have a way to steer

So he went this way and that way

And then he fell in the ditch.


I am a first generation Swede and am almost 93.  My dad lived to be almost 99.  My wife and I went to China at ages 65 and 66 and taught English for 20 years.  Now we are really retired and live in Loves Park, Illinois.  I enjoy remembering good things from the past.  I wish I had had my dad put more of it in writing.


Bob Anderson

If anyone can help Bob, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa


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8 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Swedish Lap Rhyme?”

  1. Ingegerd Jönsson Says:

    Hello Bob Anderson

    The song your dad was singing for you was.

    Prästens lilla kråka skulle ut och åka ingen hade hon som körde.
    Prästens lilla kråka skulle ut och åka ingen hade hon som körde.
    Så en slank hon dit, åh en slank hon dit.
    Och en slank hon ner i diket.

    This song is still very popular in sweden.

    From Sweden

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for helping Ingererd! -Mama Lisa

  3. Lisa Says:

    We have a version of this on Mama Lisa’s World’s Swedish song pages called Mormors lilla kråka.

  4. elle Says:

    It’s also a german children’s song ! Same actions……….
    Hoppa hoppa Reiter
    wenn er fällt dann schreit er
    fällt er in den graben
    Fressen ihn die Raben
    fällt er in den sumpf
    macht “die Huckleberry” (insert child’s name) plumps

  5. Michael Says:

    My grandfather, born in the 1870s or so, would hold us on his knee (or top of his foot) and recite:

    Trot trot to Boston
    To buy a penny cake.
    Home again, home again,
    Met a black snake.
    (While gently bouncing us up and down)

    Picked up a stone,
    Broke his back bone
    And went Galloping,
    Galloping, all the way home.
    (More vigorous bouncing)

  6. Kaulene Says:

    My mother would put us on her knee and bounce us up-and-down and sing this song.
    Trot trot to market to buy a penny cake on name Way She met a great snake, Picked up a stone and broke its back bone then she went Galloping galloping home.

  7. Kaulene Says:

    Another one she would sing is
    .. Giddyup horsy go to town giddyup horsy go to town giddyup horsy go to town to buy little name some candy.

  8. Lisa Says:

    I’m also searching for somebody to help me remember a Swedish bouncy song my Swedish/Estonian mother used to do for us: it started off bouncing gently, saying “so nett, so nett, so nett”. Then a little harder, saying something I can’t remember. Then the finale is bouncing really hard saying “klum-pe-DUNZ.”
    Anybody out there know this?? Thanks!

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