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*The exact meaning is: One day, Mommy goes to the Baazar/market and buys it for me.
**The exact meaning is: To play ball, to play with sand and to jump rope.

In some versions, people say "swing" in the last line, instead of "play with sand".


Aroosakeh ghashangeh man

Aroosakeh ghashangeh man ghermez pooshideh
Too rakhtekhabeh makhmaleh aabish khabideh
Ye rooz maman rafteh bazaar oono kharideh
Ghashangtar az aroosakam hich kas nadideh
Aroosakeh man cheshmato baz kon
Vaghti ke shab shod oon vaght lala kon
Bia berim toye Hayat ba man bazi kon
Toop bazio, shen bazio, tanab bazi kon.

Gh: say "g" without blocking the throat to have a continuous sound as when gargling
Kh: same thing with "k" as when clearing one's throat.


Farsi is the name in Persian for the modern Persian language.


Here's the computerized text: (we apologize if it doesn't display properly on your screen):

عروسک قشنگ من

عروسك قشنگ من قرمز پوشيده
تو رختخواب مخمل آبيش خوابيده
يه روز مامان رفته بازار اونو خريده
قشنگ تر از عروسكم هيچ كس نديده
عروسك من چشماتو باز كن
وقتي كه شب شد اون وقت لالا كن
بيا بريم توي حياط با من بازي كن
توپ بازي و شن بازي و طناب بازي كن



Many thanks to Maryam for singing this for us!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Nazanin Bijan of KETAB FARSI for contributing this nursery rhyme and illustration. Many thanks also to Sepideh Nasafat for her help and the transliteration. Many thanks also to Azar Mahmoudi for contributing, transliterating and translating the longer version of "My Beautiful Doll".

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!