Here's a pretty Persian children's song about love...

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Tou ke mahe bolande asemooni
Manam setare misham doureto meegiram
Ageh setare beshi douramo begiri
Manam abr meesham rooto meegiram
Ageh abr beshi roomo begiri
Manam baroon misham cheek cheek meebaram
Ageh baroon beshi cheek cheek bebari
Manam sabzeh misham sar dar miyaram
Tou ke sabzeh beshi sar dar biyari
Manam goul misham pahlout mishinam
Tou ke goul mishi o pahloum mishini
Manam bolbol misham chahchahe mikhoonam.


This song can be sung as a "conversation duet" between and man and a woman.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - تو که ماه بلند آسمونی

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatima Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song and for helping with the score.

Many thanks to Gracie Gralike for the illustration!