"This was a traditional Arabic kid's finger song and game from the Arabs of Iran. But, maybe it is common in Iraq and Kuwait too. (I'm not sure.) The original song is in Arabic slang. This song is very traditional, yet popular among Arabs in Iran." -Fatima

The pronunciation is below the song.

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*"All Gone!" said like "BAH BAH" in Arabic which means "vanish". Indeed this is a term used in kid's language to say something vanished, or finished, so it is not a term or word in the Arabic formal language and it's just used for talking with children. Another example of these special terms is WAWA which means "pain" for kids.
**Flat - I think it is used in the Arabic song just for the rhyme. It means a flat site or place, earth, some thing like that.


Zag al-wawy al mostah
2. Hay el-baba, hay el-mama
Hay el-okht, hadh el-akh
3. Ejat al-dooda tedbi, tedbi
Ala Rihanne

Game Instructions

-First the adult takes the kid's hand in her hand.
-Then she taps on the kid's palm and starts the first part of the song (number 1 in the English translation).
-Then she starts bending the kid's fingers down starting with the thumb and sings the second part of the song (number 2). The adult counts the entire family by bending the fingers down one by one.
-After the kid's hand is in a fist, the adult crawls his hand up the kid's arm while singing the last part of the song (number 3).
-Finally the adult tickles the kid, and it is the best part of the game as the kid enjoys it so much.



Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song, for explaining the game and for singing it with her niece! Many thanks to Rihanne for the wonderful drawing!

Here's what Fatima wrote about the drawing, "I attached a drawing of Rihanne, in this drawing she drew an apple tree, and herself who picked an apple from the tree! It is raining in her drawing and there is a rainbow on top too!"