Nyango M. Nambangi sent us this call and response dance song from her childhood in Cameroon, Africa. Children can dance to it while singing!

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Game Instructions

The lead singer sings the first line of the verse. Then the group sings the second line of the verse while doing the actions (i.e. put arms out and dance like a butterfly or fly like an airplane).


In the recording below, Nyango explains how to sing and dance to the song. Then she sings it for us!


Many thanks to Nyango M. Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for singing this song for us and explaining how to play the game.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Dance Like a Butterfly

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Judge Beatrice Nambangi (called "Manyi" because she is a mother of twins) for contributing this song!

Photo: Mama Lisa

Thanks so much!