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The literal translation of the Chinese title seems to be "Three Horses are Grazing".


Here's a literal translation I came up with for this rhyme:

Three Horses Are Eating Grass (or Are Grazing)

Three horses are eating grass,
Three horses are eating grain,
Two men are fighting,
An elderly lady is pleading to stop,
The child in the room is crying*.

*Not sure about this line – it might be something like, "The child in the room is shrieking." If anyone would like to give input about this line or the whole translation, that would be great!


sān mǎ chī cǎo, sān mǎ chī liào
liǎng rén dá jià
lǎo tài tài shuō bà bà bà
xiǎo hái ér zài wū gā lā gā lā


I welcome comments and suggestions for fine-tuning the translations.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme and the English translation above are from the book, Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes, by Isaac Taylor Headland of Peking University (copyright 1900).

Many thanks to Yuan Ping for typing this rhyme in Chinese text for us!

M goi! & Xie xie!