Can Anyone Help Identify a Chinese Song?

Kerry wrote to me asking for help with a Chinese song. Here’s her note with a recording of the song she’s trying to identify…

Hi Lisa (Ni Hao)

I saw your Songs and Rhymes website, and I was wondering if you would be able to identify a Chinese rhyme for me? It is sung on a toy that I have, and would like to know the name of the song! If you should do this, please let me know, and I could send you the audio file. [You can listen to the recording here.)



If anyone can help, please comment below.


-Mama Lisa

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One Response to “Can Anyone Help Identify a Chinese Song?”

  1. Lisa Lin Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    This is Lisa, a mom with two kids based on NY.

    I just saw this question today and try to reply.

    I was grew up and work in China, but I am sorry that I can’t distinguish which song it is. For me, the song is like modern, I tried to catch her words and search, no any result.

    Btw, my daughter loves your website, thank you for your hard work.

    Best regards,

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