Can Anyone Help with a Polish Song?

Deborah wrote asking for help with a Polish song. Here’s her note along with a recording of the song…

I looked through your website on the children’s songs because I have been searching for a song that I learned as a child. It is a delightful website!

As a child growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I learned some Polish songs because we are of Polish ancestry and I lived in a Polish neighborhood and went to a school run by Polish nuns. There was a little song I learned when I was in kindergarten and it has stuck with me my whole life. However, since I didn’t read at the time I learned it and it has been 50 years since I was in kindergarten, I have no idea what any of the words are or if I am pronouncing any of the words correctly. I am probably butchering all the pronunciation!

But it has been a fond memory and I have always wondered what I was singing. I am going to include a recording of myself singing it – at the risk of GREAT embarrassment over the words – and I was wondering if you have heard it before and if there are lyrics and a translation printed somewhere.

Thank you! I enjoyed your website!

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.


-Mama Lisa

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  1. Marblescraps Says:

    This sound more like an improvisation (could be local folk rhyme, but these have faded quickly here) or vague memories of some bigger song. Did it have more verses, anything that would indicate it was a regular song?

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