Can Anyone Help with a Polish Song?

Deborah wrote asking for help with a Polish song. Here’s her note along with a recording of the song…

I looked through your website on the children’s songs because I have been searching for a song that I learned as a child. It is a delightful website!

As a child growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I learned some Polish songs because we are of Polish ancestry and I lived in a Polish neighborhood and went to a school run by Polish nuns. There was a little song I learned when I was in kindergarten and it has stuck with me my whole life. However, since I didn’t read at the time I learned it and it has been 50 years since I was in kindergarten, I have no idea what any of the words are or if I am pronouncing any of the words correctly. I am probably butchering all the pronunciation!

But it has been a fond memory and I have always wondered what I was singing. I am going to include a recording of myself singing it – at the risk of GREAT embarrassment over the words – and I was wondering if you have heard it before and if there are lyrics and a translation printed somewhere.

Thank you! I enjoyed your website!

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.


-Mama Lisa

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