*A Mullah is a religious teacher of Islam. Mullah is often the name used for Islamic clerics or Mosque leaders in Iran.


Davidam o davidam

Davidam o davidam
Sare koohi residam
Dota khatooni didam
Yekish be man noon dad
Yekish be man ab dad
Noono khodam khordam
Abo dadam be sahra
Sahra be man alaf dad
Alafo dadam be bozi
Bozi be man shir dad
Shiro dadam be baqal
Baqal be man maviz dad
Mavizo dadam be aqa
Aqa be man doa dad
Doa ro bastam be bazoom
Khoda be man shafa dad.


Fatimah said that this song is a "motel". Fatimah wrote, "Motels are part of the oral literature (folklore), this kind of literature is a combination of song and very short story or a combination of kids play and song."



Here's the computerized text: (we apologize if it doesn't display properly on your screen):

دویدم و دویدم

دویدم و دویدم
سرکوهی رسیدم
دوتا خاتونی دیدم
یکیش به من نون داد
یکیش به من آب داد
نونو خودم خوردم
آبو دادم به صحرا
صحرا به من علف داد
علفو دادم به بزی
بزی به من شیر داد
شیرو دادم به بقال
بقال به من مویز داد
مویزو دادم به آقا
آقا به من دعا داد
دعا رو بستم به بازوم
خدا به من شفا داد



Many thanks to Maryam and Sara for the recording!

Maryam sent this recording with the note: "This is my sister, Sara (Sarah), I asked her to sing "I ran and ran". The first file is the same text as your page, but the second is a bit different and longer, Sara reads it from a book she has.


Thanks to Sara for the 2nd recording too!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing this song, the translation, the transliteration and comments.

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!