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Lala lala gole gerdoo

Lala lala gole gerdoo
Babat rafte tooye ordoo
Lala lala gole peste
Babat rafte sare qesse
Lala lala gole fandoq
Babat rafte sare sandouq.



Here's the computerized text: (we apologize if it doesn't display properly on your screen):

لالا لالا گل گردو

لالا لالا گل گردو
بابات رفته توی اردو
لالا لالا گل پسته
بابات رفته سر قصه
لالا لالا گل فندق
بابات رفته سر صندوق

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatimah Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song.

The illustration of the walnut plant is from Koehler's Medicinal-Plants 1887.

Khay'ly Mo'teh'shaker'am!