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Hana wrote, "There are a lot of versions of this finger play:

Vařila myšička kašičku
na zeleném rendlíčku.
tomu dala na lžičku -
tomu dala na vidličku -
tomu dala na talířek -
tomu dala na mističku -
a na toho malého nezůstalo nic!
Tak utíkal do komůrky
na homolky a tam se napapal!

Mother mouse cooked porridge
In a little green pan;
She gave it on a spoon to this one
She gave it on a fork to this one
She gave it on a little plate to this one
She gave it on a little bowl to this one
And that little one had nothing!
Then he ran into the closet
Found some sugar cones and ate as much as he could.

Game Instructions

Actions: Make circles with your index finger on baby's palm as if stirring porridge, then gently touch baby's fingers (= baby mice) one by one, starting from the thumb. When you get to the little finger (= the smallest baby mouse), run your fingers along the baby's hand up to the underarm (= he ran to the pantry) and tickle him.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Olga Navarova for contributing and translating this song, and for teaching us how to play the game. Many thanks to Hana for contributing and translating the variation. Image by Beatrix Potter, edited by Lisa Yannucci.