Can Anyone Help with a Czech or Polish Lullaby and Wake Up Song?

John Ziak wrote asking for help with two childhood songs:


I have been searching for sometime to find a song/nursery rhyme that my grandfather sang to me when I was young.  He passed away 16 years ago and no one in my family can remember any more words than I.  The song originates from Czech or Poland.  The premise of the song is similar to rock-a-bye-baby, but I recall my grandfather saying it is in reverse such as; "baby rock a bye in the cradle".  

Following in the best English written/lettered version of my recollection of the song…

humdo leshsku zabab kiny stud o lu, stud o lu, sab ab kiny stud o lu

He also woke me up for school with a poem or folk saying that translates to something in English like, "The bells are ringing. It’s time for school. Get up, get up, you must go to school to be a scholar. Holes in your pants, it doesn’t matter go to school. 

My best version of the get up go to school part in English writing is "gal gonie doschole".

Any ideas or help you can provide in my efforts to track down these songs is greatly appreciated!


John Ziak

If anyone can help John, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Czech or Polish Lullaby and Wake Up Song?”

  1. Hana Says:

    Hi John

    Look at page 60

    There is a song: Hulu jeno, dzyicia hulu

    Maybe this is a song that you are looking for.


  2. Barbara Huet de Guerville Says:

    Try (Je parle polonais) is a site devoted to teaching Polish to French children.. Try Search Wsrod nocnej ciszy @ and send e-mail to the translator, Mauler and ask him if he knows.

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