Watch Darth Vader say "I am your Father" in 20 Languages

Darth_VaderWatch Darth Vader say, "I am your father" to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movie in 20 different languages (as dubbed in the movies).  You can see a list of the languages with their voice actors below the video.

Languages and Voice Actors:

English (Original) – James Earl Jones
Spanish (1980) – Isidro Olace
Spanish (1997) – Frederico Romano
Portuguese – Renato Cardoso
Brazillians – Silvio Navas
German – Heinz Petruo
French – George Aminel
Italian – Massimo Foschi
Catalan – Adam Téodor
Spanish (1999) – Constantino Romero
Czech – Bouhumil Svãrc
Hungarian (1982) – Attila Nagy
Hungarian (1995) – Frigyes Hollosi
Hungarian (2004) – Lajos Krànitz
Russian – Vladimir Isidrorà
Chinese – Huo Kongabarah
Japanese – Ohira Toru
Arabic – Hamed Azza
Hebrew – Azgad Yossi
Jisieno – Roger Tinner
Thaï – Abdul Chalit

My favorites, after the original of course, are the Chinese and German versions.


Mama Lisa

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