Can Anyone Help with a Czech Finger Play?

Carol wrote asking for help with a childhood song…

I’m looking for a version of the Bohemian finger play song – Vařila myšička kašičku, but my mother-in-law sang it like this (it’s my english version, not written in Czech):

Sushalinka Gashegu
Namalinka Nedelegu

Do you know this one, can give the spelling and/or direct me to an audio of it or youtube?

Thanks for your site! Quite a find.

If anyone can help Carol, please comment below.

Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Czech Finger Play?”

  1. Vašek Says:

    Vařila myšička kašičku
    na zeleném rendlíčku,
    (mother circles with her finger on kid’s palm)
    tomu dala,
    (catches kid’s big finger)
    tomu taky,
    (catches kid’s index finger)
    tomu málo,
    (catches kid’s middle finger)
    tomu víc
    (catches kid’s ring finger)
    a na toho maličkého nezůstalo nic!
    (catches kid’s little finger)
    A tak utíkal honem do komůrky
    a tam se napapal.
    (mother runs with her fingers on kid’s arm into the armpit to tickle kid)
    uses slightly different wording at the end with the littlefinger:
    A ten maličký,
    (catches kid’s little finger)
    crrr do komůrečky na homolečky
    a tam se napapal.
    (mother runs with her fingers on kid’s arm into the armpit to tickle kid)

  2. richard Micka Says:

    Tomo dala
    tomo dala
    tomo dala
    tomo dala
    a tomo nitz nesbilo teda
    byezhila byezhila byezhila shup pazichku pro troshichku

    I know the spelling is not correct and some ot the words are not correct either. Also, I have a whole other song in Moravian dialect … a “sweeping song” E-mail me if you want it. Dick Micka

  3. Karen Gaither Says:

    I can’t believe I found info about this little mouse nursery rhyme. I remember my mother doing it with me when I was a little girl. And I remember her doing it with my 2 nephews. And they remember her doing it with them too.
    So now I have my own grandchildren and my mom and all of her family are gone now. But I can relearn this and do this with my grandbabies and maybe, just maybe, they’ll think of it one day and remember their own grandmother doing it for them.
    Thank you so very much.

  4. Lisa Says:


  5. Elizabeth dzurak Says:

    Old song from Czech mother
    The stove fell down = Pesnam spella
    The stove fell down = Pesnam spella
    Dosheana peestavi
    Stari pecka
    Nenidoma armla
    Teawho neighwhome!

  6. Hana Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    this is your song in Czech:

    Pec nám spadla, pec nám spadla
    kdopak nám ji postaví?
    Starý pecař není doma
    a mladý to neumí.

    Zavoláme na dědečka,
    ten má velké kladivo,
    dá do toho čtyři rány
    a už je to hotovo.

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