Can Anyone Help with a Dutch Lullaby?

Joey wrote in looking for help with a Dutch lullaby…

My Dutch dad (U.S. born) used to sing a folk song/lullaby to me. It sounded to me like this:

Phonetic Version

Susan on a popka
Banche vas ta still
Oi sik ta toonche droopa
Eit te be te still
It lifka has vil tatta
It tis a sevoru
Oi sik ta toonche droopa
Eit te be te still

Any idea what this could be?

Joey Halbach

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.

-Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Dutch Lullaby?”

  1. Niesjen Day Says:

    Another Dutch Lullaby!

    Su Ja, Su Ja poppetje, Sway, sway little baby doll
    Oh wat ben jij stout! Oh what are you naughty!
    heb jij pijn in je buikje Do you have pain in your belly
    of zijn je voetjes koud? or are you little feet cold?
    Zullen we vuurtje stoken! We shall start the fire,
    papje gaan we koken, And cook some pablum
    dan gaat het wiegje, than go into your bassinet
    zwik, zwak Swing Swing
    voor die kleine dikzak.!!! for the little chubby baby!

  2. Brigitte Says:

    I think it is in dialect. I do not recognize it. I searched for you songs with the names Susan and Blanche. But I did not find a song for children.

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