Can Anyone Help an English Poem about the Months?

Hilary wrote to us asking for help with a poem about the months…

This is an old rhyme from my childhood in England. I’m missing a part of it – perhaps someone else will remember!

January brings the snow
Happy children skating go
February brings the rain
March blows all our hats away
April with its sun and showers
Fills the merry May with flowers
In June, what fun and glee, strawberries and cream for tea!

In July ???

In August, leaving hearth and home, we go to paddle in the foam
September, see your spider spin
October, will your conker* win?
Fog and muffins in November
And good old Christmas in December!

[Note: A conker is the hard shiny dark brown nut of a horse chestnut tree. It’s also a children’s game in which each child has a conker on the end of a string and takes turns trying to break another’s with it.]

If anyone can help with the rest of this poem, please comment below.

-Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help an English Poem about the Months?”

  1. Sandra Wood Says:

    Hi Mama Lisa,
    My 91 year old mother, who is now in a care home, recited this poem to me yesterday by coincidence.
    Her version was the same except for June.

    In the month of June all the birds sing in tune.
    In July what joy and glee strawberries and cream for tea.

    Hope this helps
    Sandra xx

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for your help Sandra! :) Mama Lisa

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