Can Anyone Help with Two Czech or Slovak Songs?

Yael wrote asking for help with song songs.  Here’s her letter:

Hi Lisa,

I was so excited when I came across your website – how wonderful it is!

I was hoping to find out the lyrics of two songs my grandmother used to sing to me, which I think are in Czech or Slovak. Here is what I remember, written phonetically, and apologies in advance for getting the words very wrong!

Song 1: I think this was about a hunter?

Afte nashe studye nechke
Viva vel kimra
Seker rechku breru bemtu

Song 2: I think this one was about the sea?

Odunan osi ke chomlik
(name of child) felo kortalik
Osomli elusho
(name of child) lechuso
Hulary, hulary, hoy

Thank you so much!

Yael from Houston.

If anyone can help Yael with the original lyrics and/or a translation, please comment below. 

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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20 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with Two Czech or Slovak Songs?”

  1. Hana Says:

    Hi Yeal

    You can hear the first song here:

    Pod tým naším okénečkem

    Pod tým naším okénečkem
    bývá velký mráz.
    A v tej našej studánečke
    není vody zas.

    Vezmem si já sekérečku,
    prerubem tu studánečku
    a v tej našej studánečke
    bude vody zas.

    Pod tým naším okénečkem
    z bílej růže květ.
    Pověz že mi, moja milá,
    co ťa mrzí svět.

    A mňa ten svět nic nemrzí,
    a mňa ten svět nic nemrzí,
    jen mňa moje srdce bolí,
    plakala bych hned.

    Pod tým naším okénečkem
    bílá lilija.
    Pověz že mi, moja milá,
    kdo k vám chodívá.

    A k nám nikdo nechodívá,
    a k nám nikdo nechodívá,
    lebo sa ňa každý bojí,
    že som chudobná.

  2. Yael Says:

    Thank you so much, Hana! I was moved to tears when I heard the song again after so many years. Is it in Slovak? Can you please tell me what the words mean? With much appreciation, Yael.

  3. Hana Says:

    Hi Yeal

    Is it possible to write more about the second song?

    The first song is about a sad girl.
    It is possible to find the first song in different regional dialects. I am not sure if it is Slovak or Moravian song.

    Under our (little) window (Pod tým naším okénečkom)

    Under our (little) window
    there is a big frost.
    And in our (little) well (-spring)
    there is no water again. (meaning there is ice there)

    I am going to take my (little) axe
    and cut through into the well
    and in our (little) well
    there will be water again,.

    Under our (little) window
    there is a white rose.
    Tell me, my Darling,
    why you don’t like the world?

    It is not true that I do not like the world
    It is not true that I do not like the world
    Only My heart hurts (and I feel alone)
    so I would like to cry now(I just want to cry right now).

    Under our (little) window
    there is a white lily.
    Tell me, my Darling,
    who comes to visit you?

    Nobody visits us
    Nobody visits us
    Everyone is afraid of me
    because I’m poor.

  4. Yael Says:

    Hi Hana,

    Thank you very much for the translation. Beautiful words, but so sad!

    There is not much more that I remember about the second song. I remember my grandmother telling me it is about the sea, about how the tide will come up and the sea will take the child away with it. She would rock me on her knees as she sang to me. But I may not be remembering this correctly – this was almost 40 years ago!

    Best regards,

  5. Hana Says:

    I am really sorry but I do not know the second song. I understand that it is not easy for you but maybe you remember next words or lines.
    I am not giving up.

  6. Kate Says:

    Hi, I’m pretty sure it’s a slovak song

  7. Melas Says:


    I’m from Czech Republic.
    It is very nice and interesting to see your efforts to identify the song. :-)

    The song “Pod tým naším okénečkem” is Moravian dialect, but it is very close to the Slovak.

    For about a week I try to get to know the second song. Unfortunately, I do not know. If it’s for you, even after two years, interesting, you can write more details.


    PS: very interesting website. I’m glad I found them. Thanks

  8. Karen Says:

    Does anyone know an old Slovak song about a hunter who mistakenly shoots Marishka, thinking it was a fox?

  9. Hana Says:

    Hi Karen

    The song “U starej Břeclavi na hrázi”:

    U starej Břeclavi na hrázi,
    mysliveček sa tam procházi.
    [:Střelil na líšku, trefil Maryšku,
    Maryška už leží na bříšku.:]

    Jak sa mi milá hezká zdáš,
    budeš-li taková až se vdáš,
    [:ještě pěknější, můj najmilejší,
    vem si mě, vem si mě uhlídáš.:]


  10. Kitsmiller Says:

    Saw this post and had a song of my own I’ve been trying to find. It was a 45 Slovak record my grandmother had. The song (phonetically) was “she-ell”. Remember very few lyrics, but she-ell, she-ell ba ba ba ba ba oh she-ell she-ell…. And so on. It’s not much to go on but it’s driving me nuts trying to find the song so I’m hoping someone might know what I’m talking about… Thanks.

  11. Nina Donovan Says:

    I’m looking for the lyrics to the Slovak Song of the Hay Harvesters. My father was Slovak, and my paternal grandparents came over from Slovakia in the 1900’s. My father has passed away, but he used to sing his “haying” song for us. I would love to know the lyrics.

  12. Hana Says:

    Hi Donovan

    What about this song:
    Anička, dušička, kde si bola


  13. Hana Says:

    Hi Kitsmiller

    maybe your song is this one:

    Karol Duchoň-Šiel, šiel


  14. Hana Says:

    Message for Kitsmiller:

    This could be interesting for you:


  15. Lisa Says:

    John Kovach wrote:

    I am looking for the lyrics of a song my father sang to me when my siblings and I were children. It is a song about a young girl looking into a pool of water and she sees her reflection. I think the name of the song is “Pri Stu Jenke”. I probably butchered the spelling. Hopefully someone will have enough information to recognize what I am looking for. If possible could someone provide the Slovak lyrics and the English translation?

    Thank you.

  16. Hana Says:

    Hi Lisa

    I know only Czech version : “U studánky sedela” but the girl in this version sees a little fish in the water
    John Kovach wrote :Pri studenke –

    Maybe this song: Včera u studánky


  17. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Hana!

  18. Ann McIntire Says:

    I’m so excited to have found the song Pod tým naším okénečkem! I used to sing some of the lyrics with my Nana. She always said the song was Czech. Some of the words sound different from how she sang them, but it’s pretty close.

  19. Laszlo Says:

    I have a most probably Czech song in my head from my childhood, but I don’t know the words and how it got there. It is a recurring song with 2 or 4 lines and there are words that sounds like: a bi kopu ribu, proch?, protozeja riba, riba. If it makes sense for someone can reply me please.

  20. Hana Says:

    Hi Laszo

    Máma mi dala korunu abych koupil rybu,
    a já místo ryby, ryby koupil velerybu.
    Co dělá ryba? Ocasem hýbá!
    Proč, proč ? Protože je ryba, ryba!

    You can hear it:


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