The tune of this song seems to have inspired "Summertime" by George Gershwin.



Oy khodyt' son, kolo vikon.
A drimota kolo plota.
Pytayetsya son drimoty:
De zh my budem nochuvaty?

De khaton'ka teplesen'ka,
De dytynka malesen'ka,
Tudy pidem nochuvaty
I dytynku kolysaty.

Tam budem spochyvaty,
I dytynku prysypl'yaty:
Spaty, spaty, sokol'yatko,
Spaty, spaty, holubyatko.


You can hear the similarity if this song to the tune of Summertime by George Gershwin. According to the singer Alexis Kochan, "Gershwin was deeply affected by the Ukrainian lullaby when he heard it sung by the Koshetz Ukrainian National Choir at Carnegie Hall in 1929 [1926?]."



MP3: Ukrainian folk song "Ой ходить сон, коло вікон" arranged by Oleksander Koshetz. Performance: Academic choir of Vinnica. Conductor - Witaly Gazinsky, cc.

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