Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian Song?

Anne wrote to us looking for help with a Ukrainian kids song…

“I had some great aunts who were Ukrainian. Every single one of us had a specific song sung to us for years. Unfortunately, we never had them write it down. As I do not write or speak Ukrainian other than this song, I am trying to find out its meaning. I can only write it phonetically…

Yacya Boola Mala Mala
Coo le sala mini mama
Two calipshi two calupshi
Salvia Bay-lay double-la-hupshe

We all still sing it to our babies, yet none of us knows the actual words or what it means… any help would be appreciated.”

If anyone can help with this song please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian Song?”

  1. Aleksander Says:

    It’s a popular folk song, “Як я була мала”. There are lots of different versions around, some are here:

    Rough translation (please note that I’m not a native speaker):

    As I was young, young,
    My mother was rocking me
    Then in a cradle, then in a box,
    Now boys love me.

    As I was fifteen years old,
    I was loved by twenty boys.
    As I was twenty four,
    I was loved by officers.

    As I was a young woman,
    Boys kissed my face.
    And now I’m an old woman,
    They don’t kiss, although I’d wish.

  2. Anne Bazinet Says:

    Thank you so much Aleksander and Lisa!!!

  3. cristina Says:

    I also have a Ukraine song my mother would sing, but only know a few words phonetically

    Ooye Joska Ooye Joska ..Okalonia
    Does anyone know this?

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