"When I was a child my parents sang this to us a lot. It's a popular song here." -Fatima

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*A flat spot, place or land.
**Fatima wrote, "We have a lot of water buffalo here in Iran."



Bah bah be-al-mostah
Ija al-wawi awwa o rah
Biha al-sheg wa biha al-bag
Biha edhhikat al-nini
Wa al-nini yerid haliba
Wa al-haliba men al-jamousa
Al-jamousa trid hasheesh
Hasheeshha men al-falah
Al-falah yerid menjal
Al-minjal men al-haddad
Al-haddad yerid felsat
Felsatah men-alfalah
Wa al-dibeh trid hobaibat
hobaibatha men al-mostah
Bah bah be al-mostah
Ija al-wawi awwa o rah
Ya khsartak ya falah

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song was compiled by Aghil Zargai and translated by Fatima Baji.
Many thanks to Fatima Baji for contributing, transliterating and translating this song.

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