"Eye Winker" goes back over a century and a half.


Some later versions have it as "nose smeller".

This fun game helps teach little kids the different parts of the child's face.

Game Instructions

1. On "Eye winker": Point to eye.
2. On "Tom Tinker": Point to other eye.
3. On "Nose dropper": Point to nose.
4. On "Mouth eater": Point to mouth.
5. On 1st "Chin chopper": Gently move chin up and down.
6. On 2nd "Chin chopper": Tickle chin.


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

The earliest I found it in print is in 1846 in the book, "The Book of Nursery Rhymes Complete: From the Creation of the World to the Present Time" published in Philadelphia. It came out the same year in The Nursery Rhymes of England by J.O. Halliwell.

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