Do You Know a Rhyme That Starts… “Head Knocker, Eye Blinker,…”?

Barb wrote:

I am looking for an action poem that has to do with head knocker, eye blinker, nose blower, mouth chewer, chin chopper, gulla gulla gulla…but I cannot remember all of it. Can someone remember for me? I’m getting old in my young age.


If anyone can help, please let us know in the comments below.



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254 Responses to “Do You Know a Rhyme That Starts… “Head Knocker, Eye Blinker,…”?”

  1. Kelly Covey Says:

    I learned this as a summer camp song at Herman’s Son’s Youth Camp. Herman’s Sons is a German immigrant fraternal benefit society in Texas. “Hand on myself. Was ist Das hier? Das ist my ____ my mama dear. ____, ____ rinky dinky do. That’s what we learn in the school. Ja ja. Sweat boxer, eye blinker, nose blower, food pusher, chin chopper, heart tinker, bread basket, knee bender, toe stopper!

  2. Kati Says:

    When I was little I remember my parents and siblings doing this to me
    And now I do it with my babies.

    Head bumper (point to forehead)
    Eye blinker (point to eye)
    Nose smeller (point to nose)
    Mouth eater (point to mouth)
    Chin chomper (point to chin)
    Golly whopper (tickles under chin where meets neck)

  3. Angela Clay Says:

    I know the poem well. My grandfather would say it to My Father, who then passed it down to me, where I then used it with all 3 of my children. My kids are almost all grown up now, and still love when I say that riddle. It goes a little something like this;

    Here’s where the cat sits
    Here’s where he jumps
    Coochie, Coochie, coo

  4. Wayne Says:

    Here is the rhyme my uncle used with me in the mid 50’s:

    Head bumper
    Eye winker
    Nose dropper
    Mouth eater
    Chin chopper

    And, Gully, Gully, Gully

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