Poem – “Any way the old world goes, happy be the weather…”

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Mary wrote to me…

Have you heard this poem?

Any way the old world goes
Happy be the weather
With the red thorn or the rose
Singing all together.

I’d had never heard of it before, but was able to find the whole poem. I’m posting it here in case anyone else is looking for it. Enjoy! -Mama Lisa

The Song of the Way
By Maxwell Talisman

Any way the old world goes,
Happy be the weather:
With the red thorn or the rose,
Singin’ all together.
Don’t you see that sky o’ blue?
Good Lord painted it for you!
Reap the daisies in the dew,
Singin’ all together.
Springtime sweet, an’ frosty fall,
Happy be the weather!
Earth has gardens for us all,
Goin’ on together.
Sweet the labor in the light,
To the harvest’s gold an’ white—
Till the toilers say ‘Good night.”
Singin’ all together.

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  1. Jana Dunford Says:

    Hi, Is there music for The Song of the Way? JD

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