This children's song can be sung as a round or not. It's also sung in Germany.

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(1) The word was coined when the mail traveled by coach. It would take quite a long time to be delivered, even longer if any mishap such as a broken wheel or bad weather happened to slow the coach.
(2) Kreutzer: old coin and unit of currency. The word comes from "kreutz" (cross) because of the cross or double cross on the "heads" side of the coin.
(3) "A postilion or postillion guides a horse-drawn coach or post chaise while mounted on the horse or one of a pair of horses. By contrast, a coachman controls the horses from the vehicle itself." -Wikipedia

This song might be based on an older song, "Auf dem Postwagen" -from a "handwritten song book from 1710" (near the bottom of the page) -unless it's the other way around!

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Sheet Music - I fahr auf der Schneckenpost

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Translated by Monique Palomares.