Las Posadas in Mexico

Jan_Massys_Hospitality_refused_1558Las Posadas (The Inns) is a tradition in Mexico that starts on December 16th and continues until December 24th. It’s also celebrated in Guatemala, Colombia and El Salvador.

People go singing from house to house, acting out when Joseph and Mary tried to find lodging in Bethlehem and were turned away.  They sing the song Villancico para pedir posada (Searching for an Inn Carol). 

The carolers outside the house sing the part of Joseph and Mary, while the people inside the house sing the part of the innkeepers turning them away.

You can watch people singing the song for Las Posadas in the video below…

You can learn the lyrics to the Las Posadas song in Spanish with an English translation. (French Translation here.)

Learn more about Las Posadas and watch more videos here.

There’s a similar tradition in Austria where they sing Wer klopfet an (Who’s Knocking at the Door?) and go door to door.

Enjoy the Season!

Mama Lisa

Image: Painting – Hospitality refused to the Virgin and St. Joseph (1558) by Jan Massys.

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