This is an old German song for students that's sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell". It was sung to freshmen who were called the foxes. The fox major is a senior who is supposed to be their guide.


Lyrics: Traces back as early as 1722, the current version is from 1808.

This is thought to come from the song "Bei Hall ist eine Mühl".


Here are some more verses to be sung after verse #6…

Was macht der Herr Papa? (What does Mr. Daddy do?)

Er liest im Kikero. (He's reading Cicero.)

Was macht die Frau Mama? (What does Mrs. Mommy do?)

Sie fängt dem Papa Flöh'. (She's catching Daddy's fleas.)

Was macht di Mamsell sœur? (What does Miss Sister do?)

Sie sitzt zu Haus und näht. (She's sitting at home and sewing.)

Was macht der Herr Rektor? (What does Mr. Rector do?)

14. Er prügelt einen Buben. (He's hitting a boy.)

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