Two Popular German Rounds

Franka wrote to us to share two canons in German that she and her son love! Here’s her email…

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for your fantastic website! My three-year-old son and I love to sing and your collection is such an invaluable resource.

I would like to add the German versions of two songs:

The French song Miaou, miaou, la nuit dernière is called “Miau, miau, hörst Du mich schreien?” in German and goes thus:

Miau, miau, hörst Du mich schreien?
Miau, miau, ich will Dich freien.
Folgst Du mir aus den Gemächern, singen wir hoch auf den Dächern,
Miau, komm geliebte Katze,
Miau, reich mir Deine Tatze!

(Meow, meow, do you hear me cry?
Meow, meow, I want to marry you.
If you follow me outside the quarters,
We’ll sing high up on the rooftops,
Meow, come beloved cat,
Meow, give me your paw.)

And the Dutch Avondstilte overal is called Abendstille überall and goes:

Abendstille überall,
Nur am Bach die Nachtigall
Singt ihre Weise klagend und leise
Durch das Tal.

(Evening silence everywhere,
Only the nightingale by the creek
Quietly sings her mournful
Song across the valley.)

One of the most beautiful rounds I know.

Best wishes,


Thanks so much for sharing Franka! All the best, Mama Lisa

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