*Kalina is a Bulgarian woman's name. It can be rhymed with "inner".
**Na-ney, na-ney is pronounced as in "money, money" and is sung in lullabies.


Literal translation:

Kalina sat down
Under a tree in a garden.
A rosy-cheeked maiden
A songstress from heaven.

She rocked a hammock
She sang a little song.
Naney, naney, brother
Slumber invites you again

To his palace.
Slumber will send you
Rich presents and gifts:
A lovely chariot

Bearded dwarves
In a lovely chariot
With flying horses
With golden reins.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Tsvetomira Nikolova for contributing and translating this lullaby.

Много благодаря
Mnogo blagodarya!