International Scouting Campfire Songs – “Can you send us one from your country?”

Larraine wrote to me looking for Scouting Campfire Songs from around the world. Here’s what she wrote, followed by my response with some suggested songs and sites to go to for help:

Dear Mama Lisa,

It has been suggested that I contact you with my request. I am the sketch producer of “The Live Wyre Gang Show” from the N.W. of England. (I’m also a cub leader).

Our Gang show is about to go into rehearsals and I have written a set to Celebrate 100 years of scouting, its finale is an International Camp fire. I would very much like to include as many International songs as possible, certainly at least one from each continent, so I wondered if you would be able to tell me where the best place to find the words and music of the songs you believe your members would vote for as their favourite. Detail/a picture of their uniforms, both boys and girls, their flags and any other details you think will be useful.

Thank you
Yours in scouting
Larraine Eastwood

PS. I notice you have many songs from all over the world but I don’t know which ones are scouting campfire songs and would really appreciate your help.

I know of two scouting (or Girl Guides) songs on Mama Lisa’s World. I’m linking to them below. One is the Maori stick tossing song ‘E Papa Waiari’ from New Zealand. The other is Banana Sweet from Ghana, Africa.

Some sites for Scouting lyrics are:

American Boy Scout Songs
Guides and Scouts Europe – Regional French Songs
Siempre Scout – Canciones Generales – Spanish Scout Campfire Songs
Canzioniere Scout – Italian Scout Songs
Canzoniere e Liturgie di TUTTOSCOUT.ORG – Italian Scout Songs
GruppenstundenTipps: Lieder – German Scout Songs

I think a good way to find more songs would be to type “scout songs” into Google in different languages. Just find an online dictionary to find out how “scout” and “song” are said in the other language and do a search. A good place to start that has free online dictionaries is

If anyone can suggest any other scout campfire songs or sites with scout songs from other countries, please comment below.



Many thanks to Monique Palomares of Mama Lisa’s World en français for help with this post!

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  1. Joseph Huong Says:

    I am also interested in international scout songs and hope we would be able to share them.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I just found a link of International Scouting Organizations which might be helpful:


  3. Albert Ross Says:

    I am trying to add more information to the Wikipedia article on the Gang Show (and similar productions) (see )

    Has anybody got any information on Gang Shows in countries outside Australia, UK and New Zealand?


  4. Lina Says:

    An album called Lithuanian Campfire Songs is available at in case anyone is interested.


    Please send me your Postal Address I will send you Maldivian Scout Songs CD by post
    This will be my pleasure
    No matter how many Bother and Sistr Scouts Request I will surly send a minimum of 10 requests a months

    In scouting since 1961
    First Maldivian Wod Badge and Leader Trainer

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