Can Anyone Help with a Cuban Rhyme/Finger Play that starts with “Chiquitica así”?

Jeannie Backer wrote to us for help with a Cuban Finger Play. Here’s her note…

My mother from Cuba used to sing a song/rhyme to us that I only partially remember, maybe you have heard something similar. It’s not a song as much as a cute thing that a child says to adult to ask for something:

1. Chiquitica así. (“Little girl like this/this big” * Holding thumb and pointing finger to show small.)

2. Pensamiento aquí. (“Thinking here.” * Pointing to temple.)

3. Carita linda. (“Pretty face.” * Point to face.)

4. Now this line is the one i am not entirely sure about… something about hands like:

Manos abiertas. (“Open hands.” * Here show open hands.)
Manos limpias. (“Clean hands.” * Here show clean hands.)
Manos vacías. (“Empty hands. * Show empty hands.)

5. Then the last line asks for something for being a little, pretty-faced child. The first one is what we would usually say:

Dame un quilito aquí. (“Give me a little penny here.” * Holding out hand, palm up.)
Dame un dulce aquí. (“Give me a sweet here.” * Holding out hand palm up.)
Dame un beso aquí. (“Give me a kiss here.” * Indicating cheek.)

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below…

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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