"It's a cute game where you touch each finger and sing it…" -Marijka


*Insert baby's name.

Pronunciation (from Google):

Otsey pal'chyk - nash didus',
Otsey pal'chyk - baba,
Otsey pal'chyk - nash tatus',
Otsey pal'chyk - mama,
Otsey pal'chyk - khlopchyk nash,
A zovut' yoho....*!

You can hear the version below in the following YouTube video:

Цей пальчик(великий) - дідусь,
цей пальчик(вказівний) - бабуся,
цей пальчик(середній) - татусь,
цей пальчик(безіменний) - матуся,
цей пальчик(мізинчик) - я.
Це - вся моя сім"я.


This finger (thumb) - grandfather
This finger (index) - grandmother
This finger (middle) - daddy,
This finger (ring finger) - mum,
This finger (pinkie) – me.
"This is – my whole family," I said.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa. Thanks to Marijka for her comment and correction!

Duzhe dyakuyu!

Дуже Дякую!