"This is one of these 'follow me, you do what I do' kind of children songs." -Ray Lee


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Kàn wǒ mō

Pāi shǒuzhǎng, kàn wǒ mō,
wǒ bù mō ya nǐ bié mō.
Wǒ mō ěrduǒ nǐ yě mō ěrduǒ.
Wǒ mō bízi nǐ yě mō bízi.
Wǒ mō yǎnjīng nǐ yě mō yǎnjīng.
Wǒ mō nǎodai nǐ yě mō nǎodai

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Yuan Ping for contributing this rhyme. Thanks to Ray Lee for the translation and comment.