"We have quite a lot of rhymes that start with 'On the top of a mountain there was a ...'. " -Chinese Garden

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*Literally, "a stem of hemp" - hemp plants grow as individual stems.


Google Pronunciation:

gāo gāoshān shàng yī kē má
yǒu gè jíliǎo er wǎng shàng pá
wǒ wèn jíliǎo er pá zěn di
tā shuō kěle yào chī má

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme and image can be found in "Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes," by Isaac Taylor Headland of Peking University (copyright 1900).

Many thanks to Yuan Ping for typing this rhyme in Chinese text for us and for helping with the translation. Translated with Lisa.