Here's a nursery song for Christian children...


Reyesuela wrote: "It should be flowing over, not rolling over!" Which leads me to believe there are variations of this song. If anyone would like to let us know what version they know from Cameroon or elsewhere, feel free to email me. -Mama Lisa

Ms. M. N. Nambangi wrote: "By the way, I see you have 'Rolling Over' on your webpage. That is a popular mistake in some schools. It is actually from the Bible verse: 'My cup runneth over with joy' or something like that. So, in my school, we sang: 'running over, running over. My cup is full and running over'...."

Drew wrote:

"Hi, When I was growing up in Scotland we used to sing Rolling over & do this thing with our hands but I also heard Running over too."

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ango Fomuso Ekellem for contributing this song. Thanks to Ms. M. N. Nambangi for commenting on the song.

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