"In the spirit of Easter, remembering some of our Sunday School songs from back home. Sunday School, all our kids, mostly below 12, all go to Sunday School while church services is on for the adults. And Sunday School is a lot of fun. They do learn Bible verses... they sing a lot! And the singing is always noisy, cause it's a lot of clapping and drumming and hitting of anything that will make a sound like chairs and desks and everything. So this is one song that we did, and the kids still do, and it's based on 'The Lord's Prayer' except it's just the first few verses, and it goes..." -Nyango


The kids keep singing this on and on until they get tired!



Many thanks to Nyango M. Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for contributing this song, for singing it for us and for the commentary!

The recording below has commentary by Nyango before she sings the song.