"This is a kind of folklore that is called 'zabavlyanka' (entertaining song). They are sung to babies, to keep them amused and quiet." -Aqua

A "haricot" refers to a bean - most often a kidney bean.



Bobyk, fasolk'a,
Kukurudza, barabol'ka,
A tse staruy bobushche,
Furrrrrr za plotyshche.

Game Instructions

"One by one, starting with the little toe, an adult massages the
toes, each one has a name (little bean, little haricot and so on).
When the adult gets to the big toe (huge old bean), they move it
from side to side, and then - aside and up, 'throwing' it
away, over the fence." -Aqua

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Aqua for contributing and translating this song!

Duzhe dyakuyu!

Дуже Дякую!