"Gesù bambino" means "Baby Jesus" in Italian.

This is the version of "Gesu Bambino" that's normally sung in English. It's originally an Italian carol of the same name. The tune and lyrics of the chorus are the same as those in "O Come All Ye Faithful".

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In the recording below, the performer sometimes sings the chorus in Latin as follows:

Venite adoremus
venite adoremus
venite adoremus


MP3: Sung by Susan K Hawthorne.

In the recording below, the performers sing the chorus in Latin as follows:

"Venite adoremus" (3 times), then "Dominum".


MP3: US Army Band.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

English version of Gesu Bambino penned by Frederick H. Martens.
Image: The Nativity, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Italy, ca. 1492.