"I just remembered a song this morning and recorded it. It talks of the Cameroon Bay which is actually called Ambas Bay [in South West Cameroon]. I remember that up to the early 1970's, Ambas Bay was a hub of activity with ships coming in and a booming shopping center in the city of Victoria. It was exciting to go to Ambas Bay and Victoria. In fact, we even have a traditional dance from the Dualas called: 'Ambassi Bay' which of course is Ambas Bay!

I think we got these songs from soldiers as there was a lot of mobilization of Nigerian and Cameroonian soldiers while the British ruled both the British Cameroon and Nigeria. I think this song probably originated from the Nigerian soldiers." -Nyango


"There was a lot of cross-over of songs and other popular expressions between Nigeria and Cameroon because of the British presence in both countries in the pre-independence days and shortly after, with teachers from either country serving in the other - my parents were teachers in Nigeria for a few years before returning home to Cameroon - and other administrators, soldiers, etc. serving in either country." -Nyango



Many thanks to Nyango M. Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for contributing and singing this song for us.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - We Go Down the Cameroon Bay